DigitalKidZ aims to increase digital literacy and adapt the educational methodology according to the 21st century trends – modern, effective, digital-wise. 

an annual Tech Conference, supported by the Ministry of Education – Bulgaria, the Euroepan Commission Office in Bulgaria and the Embassy Finland in Bulgaria 

DigitalKidZ Inventors Coding Board & GO! boxes that support the „learning by doing“ philosophy

DigitalKidZ STEAM Club – the maker space

creative playgrounds that develop the children’s’ soft-skills – design thinking inspired

coding camps and weekend coding workshops for teachers, parents and students in the age of 7 – 16 years  – the Open Source School 

seminars, coding education, consulting, mentorship and support programs for teachers and parents

an emotional intelligence game (elementary school) – DigitalKidZ Imagination

online books and tutorials dedicated on digital literacy, education and parenting in 21st century 


Bulgaria ranks near the bottom of European education systems ratings. It is at the very bottom in terms of share of 16 to 25-year-olds who are not in school and not at work. Each year, between 15- and 18 000 children drop out of school. Outdated educational methods and tools are among the reasons for this worrying development. Our population is getting older and we are facing a growing shortage of school teachers.

„The quality of the education system can not exceed the skills of its teachers“ – MacKinsey, 2007

According to the latest report by the European Literacy Policy Network (ELINET) – Literacy in Bulgaria – country report – March 2016 technologies are the tool that gives equal access to quality education for everyone and this responds to modern trends and transformation of the educational system, adapting to an information society. Unfortunately, only 17% of Bulgarian students use computer devices to seek additional information about their educational process, according to the 45% EU average. One of the reasons for this is the low computer literacy of their teachers, limited to „basic knowledge“. Despite of the remarks that the educational process and methodology in Bulgaria do not meet the current needs of the students and it is also quite outdated not only because of the low digital literacy, but also because the modern teachers do not change the tools they work with – only 18% teachers know about innovative educational IT products, but still they do not use it in class.


DigitalKidZ provides everything a teacher needs to deliver a highly engaging STEM learning experience in a classroom. This includes curriculum-aligned lesson plans, emotional intelligence game, coding boards and „learning by doing“ challenges that help students understand our relationship with technology, cultivate digital hygiene habits and turn textbook theory into real-life activities. DigitalKidZ brings excitement to learning by giving teachers innovative and digital-oriented educational tools.

Long-term mission:

    • Redesign education to include Digital Literacy and 21st century skills Program in every school in Bulgaria.
    • Disseminate a basic curriculum that defines the standards of ethical behaviour on digital platforms – for K-8 students
    • Educate and empower teachers about Digital Literacy and how to transform educational process according to the 21st century skills
    • Educate and empower parents about technology and important behavioural guidelines involving the use of digital media.

DigitalKidZ® and Open Source School® are registered trademarks and only DigitalKidZ Foundation has the exclusive rights to use them. In accordance with the national and European law any unauthorised use of the trademark without the permission of its owner is an infringement of rights and is subject to sanctions.

“We still instruct children not to poke in wall plugs and not to play with sharp objects, but we are not aware that the technology they learn intuitively is the source of threats for their security and identity. When not used with measure technology can annihilate the human in humans and replace communication and empathy with a chat on the mobile. Statistics suggest that more than half of parents are not aware of parent control programs. Hence, they are not aware what their kids are doing online and what kind of content they use. More than 80 percent of present-day kids already use the internet even before they enter puberty. One in three children has been the target of sexual messages online, one in six has been exposed to cyber bullying which may also grow into offline bullying. We instruct our kids not to talk to strangers in the street but we are not able to help and protect them while they are online.”

Ivelina Atanasova, Chairman of the Board at DigitalKidZ Foundation


Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics are at the heart of all „jobs of the future.“ We dream of students becoming the creators and not just the consumers of tomorrow’s technologies. To complete our digital-oriented approach, we focus on the social-emotional aspect of learning, fostering strong relationships between teachers and students.  We help learners apply their informal and non-formal learning to improve educational outcomes.

DigitalKidZ is a non-government organisation, launched in 2016 and just for the first 4 years of its existence, it was awarded by the President, as social campaign of the country by Forbes Bulgaria and highly recognised for its social impact.

  • 2017 – John Atanasoff President Award Recognition for particularly high public contribution in the field of Computer Science
  • 2016 – Responsibility Campaign of Forbes Bulgaria
  • 2015 – 40 before 40″ Darik Radio Chart for innovative ideas


some of the institutions, companies and global partners that support DigitalKidZ and they are actively involved in the brand products' effectiveness measurement

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Sponsorship Packages

In recent years CSR has become a focus of many businesses’ corporate strategy. Some of the companies do charity because they sincerely want to improve the world, but others create programs due to the expectations of customers, owners, and other stakeholders. It improves the job satisfaction, loyalty, boost profits and improve customer relations.

„The future of the economy is in STEM,” says James Brow.

STEAM. Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics are at the heart of all „professions of the future“.

DigitalKidZ STEM Club Program & the Open Source School Mentoring Program aim is to increase Digital literacy and adapt the educational methodology according to the 21st century trends. These are education programs for students (the Club) and for teachers (the Open Source School) that support the 21st century skills development.

This includes curriculum-aligned lesson plans, a curriculum, coding platforms and tools, „learning by doing“ box sets, a teachers’ education and support program – approved by the Ministry of Education in Bulgaria, consulting services – how to write a funding project and build your school of the future or a maker space in your school.

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DigitalKidZ GO! kit provides everything you need to deliver a highly engaging STEM Donate Nowlearning experience in a classroom. This includes curriculum-aligned lesson plans, multi-subject „learning by doing“ projects and a coding board that help students understand our relationship with technology, cultivate digital hygiene habits and turn textbook theory into real-life activities.

The curriculum comes with a workshop for teachers, an online training course about teaching methodology and classroom organisation, a text- and activity book for students and a teachers, a teacher’s mentoring support dedicated on the specific tool usage and the variety of options.

It’s an educational activity game that develops emotional and multiple intelligence, balancing the left & right brain work. It’s aim is to provide teacher’s tools that provoke the creativity, imagination, storytelling and team work ability. The game is suitable also for family activities.

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DigitalKidZ School Pack incl.:

  • notebook
  • pen
  • keychain
  • security web cam
  • paperclip/book divider
  • ruler

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DigitalKidZ GO! is a „learning-by doing“ coding set that supports students to build a smart-home.

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